What to do in Nijmegen

Experience the vibrant history of the oldest city in the Netherlands! Tread in the footsteps of the Romans, take a stroll along the trendy boutiques in the shopping streets or wander through the green Goffertpark. Besides the Four Days Marches, numerous events are organised in Nijmegen. The centre of Nijmegen is located 4.9km from Sanadome and is easily accessible.

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Late night shopping

Every Thursday until 9pm

Sunday opening hours

Every Sunday 12 noon-5pm


Go for a bike ride in Nijmegen’s beautiful surroundings, or cycle along the Liberation Route! Follow the path of the allied forces during the Liberation of Europe. Boulders are placed at 23 locations in the surrounding area, marking the so-called ‘listening spots’. Each listening spot has an audio clip that you can listen to about the impressive experiences of one of more people from the 1944-1945.

Rent from Sanadome
City bike | €7.50 per day
Electric city bike | €12.50 per day
Sanadome – 7heuvelenweg | 9.2km

Take a walk along the new footbridge, the Ooijpoort, from the Waalkade into the Stadswaard, the domain of Galloway cattle and Konik horses. Near the Waalbrug in Nijmegen, within a few steps you will find yourself in a beautiful river landscape. Stroll through the woods and over the beaches along the river Waal. Discover the Zevenheuvelen in Groesbeek, Berg en Dal and the Mookerhei. View pleasant walking routes here.
Sanadome – Waalbrug | 5.8km

Stay at Sanadome and exercise at Sanasport Health Club! This gym is located on the first floor at Sanadome and has the latest fitness Life Fitness equipment. You always exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist or fitness instructor. Or in other words: exercising in a responsible manner, both individually and in a group.
Sanadome – Sanasport | 0km

Three skating rinks over two levels – all under one roof. Thanks to its unique charm Triavium is an essential part of Nijmegen. The winter season at Triavium is from mid-September to mid-April inclusive. During that period, Triavium is a skating facility with a unique atmosphere. In the other months, there is no ice at Triavium.
Sanadome – | 4.2km

Groesbeek is home to two 18-hole golf courses at Het Rijk van Nijmegen. You can also play a round of golf at the 18-hole golf course in Wijchen, called Burggolf.
Sanadome – Rijk van Nijmegen | 9.2km

Culture & history

At The Valkhof Museum you will find a leading collection of Roman archaeology as well as modern and ancient art – all under one roof. The large collection of archaeological finds tells the visitor about the Roman army and everyday life when Nijmegen was the largest Roman city in the Netherlands. Lovers of ancient art will find a beautiful collection of ancient art: paintings, prints, statues and silver. The collection of modern art is surprising. You will see large, colourful paintings from 60s Pop Art.
Sanadome – The Valkhof Museum | 5.5km

What is it like to be blind or partially sighted? You can read or talk to an experienced expert about it, but at muZIEum the focus is on experiencing it for yourself. Join us on a journey in a world where hearing, smell, touch and taste suddenly play a much bigger role than you are used to.
Sanadome – MuZIEum | 4.3km

This beautiful museum offers an attractive combination of an indoor museum with a fine collection on the one hand, and an outdoor museum with a strong educational and recreational character on the other. With inspiring presentations and special activities, the Africa Museum introduces visitors to the wealth of African cultures.
Sanadome – Africa Museum | 7.5km

In the Liberation Museum, you can experience the run-up to the war and the occupation, celebrate the liberation and see the reconstruction of the Netherlands and Europe. The liberation is depicted in a fascinating way, through smells, interactive presentations, dioramas, models, original films and sound clips. The museum shows young and old the current meaning of democracy, freedom and human rights.
Sanadome – National Liberation Museum | 10.8km

The Bastei tells the story of the river. Dive into the museum and travel through the past, present and future. Here, on the river Waal and in the oldest city in the Netherlands, you can get in touch with the past, discover the flora and fauna of the Gelderland ‘riverland’ and get to work in De Bastei Academie. Fun and educational for researchers large and small. Experience for yourself how the river connects city and nature here!
Sanadome – Bastei | 5.8km


There are five cinemas in Nijmegen. Filmhuis O42, LUX, Pathé Nijmegen (CineMec), Vue Nijmegen Plein and Vue Nijmegen Walstraat.
Sanadome – Vue | 4.7km

The park in Appeltern is currently about 22 hectares in size. There are over 200 model gardens, complete with paving, plants and furniture. Every garden is different. Different in form, different in surface area and different in design. A walk through all the gardens will give you lots of inspiration for your own garden.
Sanadome – Appeltern | 23.8km

The Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen is one of the largest theatres in the Netherlands. Each year, over 100,000 visitors attend the performances on the programme. There are also conference visitors, partygoers, exhibition visitors and many others who come to the building every year. Nijmegen also has: LUX Nijmegen, De Lindenberg and Nijmegen’s theatrical city walks.
Sanadome – Stadsschouwburg | 4.3km

Holland Casino Nijmegen is located on the beautiful Waalkade. Enjoy an evening full of excitement, play and fun in this stylish location!
Sanadome – Casino | 5.8km

Discover one of the 18 escape rooms in Nijmegen and the surrounding area with friends, family or colleagues. Try to escape on time!
Sanadome – Nijmegen centre | 5.9km


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