Sanasport Health Club

Whether you’d like to lose weight, build up your fitness or become stronger, at Sanasport Health Club we help you achieve your personal goal. We do this with professional fitness instructors and physiotherapists, in a pleasant setting and with no hidden costs. Entrance to Sanasport Health Club is free for hotel guests. Experience the true enjoyment of exercising at Sanasport Health Club.

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  • Mon-Fri 7am-11pm
  • Weekends 9am-3pm
  • Free for hotel guests

  • Expert guidance always on hand


Sanasport Health Club is located in Sanadome and has a very spacious air-conditioned gym with a sea of natural light. The room is fully equipped with the latest Life Fitness equipment and divided into different zones. There is always a qualified fitness instructor or expert physiotherapist present in the gym so that you, with the help of a personal tailored sports plan, can keep your body fit and supple in a responsible manner. The long opening hours give you the opportunity to exercise whenever you want, both individually and in a group. You can participate in the various group sessions such as Synrgy 360XL and Virtual Spinning Zone free of charge.

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If you have physical complaints, you are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our physiotherapists. When you come to our physiotherapy practice for your first appointment, the physiotherapist will draw up as complete a picture as possible of your complaints. This will be used to draw up an effective treatment plan. Sanasport Fysiotherapie is affiliated with all health insurers.

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✓ Would you like to find out how to improve your general health?
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✓ Do you want to reach and maintain your goal weight without a strict diet or meal replacements?
✓ Do you often lack energy?

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