At Sanadome, you can enjoy nourishing and relaxing spa and beauty treatments such as a relaxation massage, an anti-stress facial or Hammam ritual. Our expert beauticians and masseurs are here to pamper you and complete your visit to the spa. Of course, you can also book a beauty treatment without visiting the thermal baths.

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Massages are specially tailored to your wishes. They are relaxing and sleep-promoting, improve your immune system, have a healing effect on the muscles and joints and are good for your circulation.

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Cleansing, relaxing facial treatments, or a facial combined with a massage: the choice is yours. We always begin with a Thalgo welcome ritual. The treatment is tailored to your skin’s needs.

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Body wraps

Our body wraps are made up of nourishing oils, minerals or herbs and restore the natural balance of your skin. During the wrap, you lie in a warm waterbed so that it feels as if you are floating.

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Luxury spa rituals

You can choose between three exclusive spa rituals lasting 100 minutes, comprising of a cleansing body scrub, a special body massage and a nourishing body wrap. Immerse yourself in these unique experiences and forget about everything around you.

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Spa Specials

Spa Specials are relaxing facilities at the thermal baths. They are shorter treatments that complete your day at the spa. You can book the Spa Specials in combination with a day at the thermal baths.

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Hand & foot

Manicure (hand) and pedicure (foot) treatments. Our beauticians work with OPI products. Nourishing hand and nail products by OPI stand out for their high quality.

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Spray tan

New: spray tan treatments at Sanadome! Keep your skin looking beautiful and evenly tanned all year round. The spray tan is always scheduled for the end of your stay. After this treatment, you cannot use the thermal baths.

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Waxing is hot, hassle-free and pain-free. The result is perfectly smooth and perfect skin without unwanted hairs. We wax using Lycon Precision, which is suitable for both men and women for hair from 1mm in length.

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Duo treatments

Sanadome has various duo treatments. Enjoy a facial treatment, massage or wrap together in one of our beautiful duo salons. You will both be treated by the same beautician in the same room.

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Pregnancy is one of the most intensive changes that the skin will experience. The skin stretches up to 70cm and then shrinks again after pregnancy. We work with Thalgo products.

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Originally, a Hammam was an Eastern bathhouse. The slow movements and the relaxing music help you to relax on our heated Hammam table. You will be soaped and washed with a layer of silky, soft foam based on pure olive oil.

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Men’s skin has specific needs: the skin is thicker, produces more grease and becomes irritated faster due to shaving daily. For men’s skincare and treatment, the specialists use the premium brand Thalgo.

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Sanadome has a special offer for people with rheumatism or a rheumatic disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew’s disease, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. The programmes can be a valuable addition to regular treatment programmes for people with chronic complaints.

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