Facial treatments

Take your place in a comfortable heated seat and enjoy a lovely facial treatment. Our beauticians are experts who adjust the treatment to your skin type and wishes. They use products by Thalgo, the most well-known, top quality spa brand. This gives your face a boost and makes your skin shine again.

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  • Heated seat
  • Soothing music
  • Trained specialists
  • Thalgo care products

Mini facial

This facial treatment is aimed at taking care of the skin.

25 mins | €35 | cleansing, eyebrow epilation, mask and day care

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This facial treatment is aimed at stimulating and caring for the skin.

50 mins | €62 | cleansing, massage and mask

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Anti-stress combi

This treatment is a combination of a body massage and a facial treatment. Your back, neck and shoulders are massaged. Your face is then cleansed and massaged. Afterwards, you get a face mask that suits the condition of your skin. The treatment ends with day care.

50 min | €62 | back, neck, shoulders, facial cleansing and massage

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Special facial

In consultation with the beautician, you will receive tailored treatment, depending on your personal needs and the condition of your skin. Together, you can choose between an exclusive mask, eye contour and neck care or microdermabrasion. Can be supplemented with upper lip waxing, chin waxing, eyelash dyeing and eyebrow treatment.

75 mins | €91 | tailored treatment

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Anti-aging facial

Exclusive facial treatment that focuses on specific phases of skin aging. The beautician will perform skin analysis before applying the most effective treatment. The treatment starts with a thorough cleansing to open up the skin to the active ingredients. Then a choice is made from amongst the treatment options below:
1 Collagen Smooth Ritual | for first wrinkles and signs of aging
2 Hyaluronic Filler Ritual | to treat deep wrinkles
3 Silicium Super Lift Ritual | for sagging skin and deep wrinkles

50 min | €79 | anti-aging facial treatment

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Men’s facial

Nobody’s skin is the same. We also have various products for men’s skin that help you achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin. This treatment cleanses your face, removes imperfections and gives you a wonderfully relaxing facial massage. A mask is then applied to your face to provide optimal skincare. The treatment ends with day care. The result is a healthy, well-groomed look and feel.

50 mins | €62 | cleansing, removal of imperfections, facial massage

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Shaving special | Men only

A luxurious experience of a complete classic shaving treatment according to the age-old, tried and tested barber method. Relaxation is a key part of this treatment. You are shaved using a folding knife and then checked using a razor blade. Your scalp, face, neck and shoulders are then massaged. If you wish, your ear and nose hairs can be removed. The treatment ends with day care.

50 min | €68 | classic shaving treatment

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Duo facial | facial treatment for two people

The duo facial is a facial treatment for two people given by the same beautician. You lie next to each other. The treatment consists of cleansing, a fruit acid peel, a massage, a mask and day care. The products are tailored to your skin’s needs. The price specified is for two people.

50 min  |  €88,50  |  cleansing, skin massage, mask

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Thalgo skin care

Our beauticians use Thalgo products. This natural French spa brand offers more than 50 years of experience in skin care products and is the world’s best known spa brand. Thalgo is the undisputed specialist in the field of marine cosmetics due to its years of experience in extracting natural and effective active ingredients from the sea. The ingredients for these cosmetics are taken from the Mediterranean Sea and then processed into top quality products.