Massages improve the circulation, have a healing effect on the muscles and joints and above all, is relaxing. A good massage also boosts the immune system. Experience the benefits of a relaxing and stress-reducing massage with soothing music playing in the background. At Sanadome, you’re in good hands! The extensive range of massages that we offer means there’s always a massage to suit your needs. We tailor massages specially to your wishes.

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  • Heated massage table
  • Trained masseurs and masseuses
  • Tailored to your wishes
  • Lots of choice

Intensity: from soft to medium

Soft touch massage

During this massage you will be massaged from head to toe with a delightful, warm massage oil. The oil has a nourishing effect on your skin and the massage relaxes you through the gentle touch of our masseur/masseuse. We conclude the treatment with an extra relaxing ritual with misty steam and to-and-fro head movements.
50 min | €68 | Full body massage
75 min | €97 | Full body massage

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Warm oil massage

Enjoy a blissful relaxing massage with a nourishing warm massage oil. This massage is soothing, promotes circulation and the warm oil has a relaxing effect.

50 min | €68 | full body massage

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Relaxation massage

A relaxation massage that stimulates the circulation, relaxes the muscles and removes waste products. The massage also stimulates the production of endorphins, so-called “happiness hormones”, and oxytocin, the “cuddly hormone”. This reduces stress and increases the feeling of happiness..

25 mins | €38 | choice between back, neck and shoulders or legs
50 mins | €66 | full body
75 mins | €95 | full body and head

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Anti Stress massage

Complete massage from head to toe. This soothing body massage is combined with lavender so that you experience an intense relaxation.

50 min | €66 | full body
75 min | €95 | full body and head

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Swedish massage

Traditional body massage that incorporates many massage techniques. Relaxes the muscles, stimulates the circulation and removes waste products.

50 mins | €66 | fully body
75 mins | €95 | body, head, arms and hands

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Intensity: firm

Sports massage

An intensive, revitalising massage for the whole body. The various massage techniques and intensities improve the circulation in the muscles and activate the removal of waste products, thereby reducing the risk of injuries. You can have a massage before or after exercise.

50 mins | €66 | full body
75 mins | €95 | body, head, arms and hands

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Deep tissue massage

An intensive, revitalising body massage that deeply affects the muscle tissue The body is massaged using the hands, lower arms and elbow to create a good combination of relaxation and intense pressure.

50 mins | €68 | full body
75 mins | €97 | body, head, arms and hands

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Special massages

Indian head massage

Relaxing massage. The combination of gentle and firm massage movements release tension, stress and fatigue.

25 mins | €34 | neck, shoulders, face and scalp

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Hot stone massage

This traditional, relaxing, aromatic body treatment is designed for the whole body. Very suited to sensitive muscles and joints. The aromatic oil is rubbed with warm volcanic basalt stones. The hot stone massage improves the circulation and has a deep, relaxing effect on the muscles.

50 mins | €68 | fully body
75 mins | €97 | body, head, arms and hands

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Foot reflexology massage

This authentic pressure point massage stimulates the reflex zones on your feet that are connected to your organs. The pressure point massage technique eliminates energy blocks, stimulates the natural energy flow in the body and helps you experience total relaxation.

50 mins | €68 | foot pressure point massage

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Shiatsu massage

Massage for the whole body & head. This authentic pressure point massage affects potential blocks in the energy channels (meridians). Provides intense relaxation and eliminates energy blocks. The massage supports the body’s natural healing process.

50 mins | €66 | full body
75 mins | €95 | body, head, arms & hands

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