Men’s treatments

Men’s skin has specific needs: the skin is thicker, produces more grease and becomes irritated faster due to shaving daily. For men’s skincare and treatment, the specialists use a premium brand, Thalgo, which has a special men’s care line. Thalgo products are based on the power of the sea and have a revitalising and cell-regenerating effect.

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  • With or without visiting the thermal baths
  • Specially for men
  • Trained staff

  • Thalgo care products

Shaving special | Men only

A luxurious experience: a complete classic shaving treatment according to the age-old, tried and tested barber method. Relaxation is a key part of this treatment. You are shaved using a folding knife and then checked using a razor blade. Your scalp, face, neck and shoulders are then massaged. If you wish, your ear and nose hairs can be removed. The treatment ends with day care.

50 mins | €67 | classic shaving treatment

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Men’s facial

This men’s treatment cleanses your face, removes imperfections and gives you a wonderfully relaxing facial massage. A mask is then applied to your face to provide optimal skincare.

50 mins | €60 | facial treatment tailored to men’s skin

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Anti-stress facial

This treatment is a combination of a body massage and a facial treatment. Your back, neck and shoulders are massaged first. Following the massage, your face is cleansed and massaged. You then receive a face mask tailored to the condition of your skin. The treatment ends with day care. During this facial treatment, you lie in a lovely heated seat while soothing music is playing in the background.</p>

50 min  |  €62  |  body and face massage

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Beachwear for men

In our specialist swimwear shop at Sanadome, we offer you a wide range of swimwear, loungewear, bathrobes and sunglasses. Our stylists will help you make a good choice from top brands such as Beachlife, Björn Borg, HOM, Speedo, Tommy Hilfiger and Tweka. Sanashop is open 365 days per year from 9.30am to 7pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays it is open until 9pm.